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    EMSO is a European network of seabed and fixed-point water column observatories whose scientific objective is to acquire long time series in the seas around Europe for the study of environmental processes related to interactions between geosphere, biosphere and hydrosphere. MAREGAMI project (MARine Earthquake Gap Assessment and Monitoring for Istanbul) is a bilateral Turkish-French collaborative project coordinated by IFREMER and Istanbul Technical University and funded by ANR and TÜBITAK. The goal of MAREGAMI is the development of new methods and monitoring strategies to assess earthquake and tsunami risks related to offshore faults, it comprises four tasks: (1) Marine geodesy: acquisition and processing of geodetic submarine data, (2) Hydrodynamics and specific depositional processes: water column data acquisition and hydrodynamic modeling, (3) Improving earthquake relocation with ocean bottom instruments, (4) Designing an optimal and sustainable network of submarine sensors. Data distributed on this portal were acquired for Task 2. The acquisition and distribution of marine data time series in the Sea of Marmara is funded by EMSO-France Research Infrastructure, EMSO-Link, and MAREGAMI projet. DT-INSU provided operational support and instrumentation