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    This series is part of the long-term planktonic monitoring of Marseille Oceanographic Laborarories (successively Centre Océanographique de Marseille, Laboratoire d’Océanographie Biologique, Laboratoire d’Océanographie Physique et Biogéochimique, and presently Mediterranean Institute of oceanography / OSU Pytheas ). It aims at describing the dynamics of the mesozooplankton community both in term of biomass and taxonomic groups. This dataset contains the planktonic organisms collected by a WP2 net (Diameter 55 cm; Length : 3 m; Mesh size: 200μm mesh) and therefore covering zooplanktonic organisms from 200µm to ~2cm. The sampling is carried out twice a month at a fixed station in the center of the bay of Marseille (43.2417°N; 5.29167°E) with a depth of 60m (see ). The WP2 net (200μm mesh) is hauled vertically from 55 to the surface. Sample preserved in 4% buffered formalin and stored over the long term at the MIO. Sample have bee scanned on a ZooScan, images processed with ZooProcess and sorted taxonomically on Particle Trieur, within the Plateforme Microscopie et IMagerie (MIM). The data collection and processing has been funded by several projects over its lifetime. It is currently supported directly by the Mediterranean Institute of oceanography (MIO), as part of its long-term monitoring effort associated with SOMLIT. ( Citation Carlotti F., Guilloux L., Garcia T., Nowaczyk A., Riandey V., Diéval E., Morsly K., Chen, C.T., Neffati N., Lebourg B., Dron A. (2023). Zooplankton timeseries Marseille bay [Data set]. MIO UMR 7294 CNRS.